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Thailand Liveaboard

Discover the Underwater Beauty in Similan Islands

The Similan Islands, located 50km west of Khao Lak, represent one of  best diving that Thailand has to offer. Not only does it offers many excellent sites and wonderful underwater life can be found in this protected national park. The Similans are a chain of 9 tiny and verdant islands fringed with white sand beaches and surrounded by some of the area's richest waters.

The best way to discover the amazing underwater treasure in Thailand is to get on a Liveaboard.  The most popular destinations for diving in Thailand is at Similan Islands, Surin islands and around Phi Phi Islands.

Enjoy the best diving while sailing across the beautiful seas.  Enjoy the food on board and share the scuba diving experiences with great company on board.  Liveaboard saves you time in transfers between dive sites and land, maximizes number of dives, enjoy being surrounded by nature throughout day and night and be with the company of diving enthusiasts.


Similan Liveaboard cruise around the numerous sites, stopping at the choicest sites to allow divers to explore at thier leisure all the marine life that abounds including but not limited to leoppard sharks, manta rays, white tip and black tip reef sharks, moray eels, barracudas, triggerfish and surgeonfish.

We have years of experience working with pHuket Liveaboard operators and dive centres to provide you the invaluable advice on destinations, schedules and booking the right Liveaboard that you suit your needs.

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